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Special Considerations If You Are A Licensed Professional

If you are a lawyer, doctor or another medical professional, psychologist, real estate broker or sales person, or one of numerous other professionals who is licensed by state and federal agencies, a criminal charge can place your license in jeopardy. It is important that your criminal defense lawyer handles your case with your licensing issues in mind.

We Work Together With Your Professional Licensing Attorney

We often work in association with an attorney who specializes in practice before Texas and federal licensing authorities to ensure that the defense of the criminal case and licensing matter is a dual effort.

Not only is your liberty at stake. You could also lose your livelihood.

We Are Of Counsel To An Administrative Law Firm Focusing On Professional Licensing

Our lawyers often work together with the lawyers from the Leichter Law Firm to achieve the best coordinated result for the criminal and licensing matters faced by professionals.

Contact Our Firm To Learn About Your Rights

The Law Office of E.G. Morris believes strongly in defending clients in criminal and licensing matters. Schedule a consultation at our Austin location today to discuss your rights regarding criminal charges and the impact on professional licensing. Call 512-893-6121 or contact us online.