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Do Not Lose Your Career Because Of Fraud Accusations

The Law Office of E.G. Morris can provide an aggressive defense backed by 40 years of experience if you face investigation or prosecution for fraud. Successfully defending a fraud case requires special skill, since these cases frequently rely on complicated evidence from financial transactions and computer records. Our legal team has successfully represented clients in numerous fraud cases.

We can construct a comprehensive defense on your behalf by carefully examining financial data, interviewing witnesses and gathering supporting evidence. When charged with fraud, trust The Law Office of E.G. Morris to defend your career, reputation and rights.

Are You A Health Care Professional? We Strive To Protect Your Career.

Accusations of fraud can wreak havoc on the careers of health care professionals. Our attorneys have experience handling many criminal cases related to health care. We can defend clinics and individual providers from charges of health care fraud or prescription fraud. Our attorneys will guide you through this process and tell you what to do if authorities are investigating you. We have experience working with the medical licensing board and will work to ensure that your career emerges intact from this incident.

Distinguished Defense Against Fraud

Our founding attorney, E.G. Morris, has earned numerous distinctions in the area of criminal defense. The Texas Board of Legal Specialization also certified him as a criminal law specialist, and in 2017 he was inducted into the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association Hall of Fame.

These honors speak of his competence as a defense attorney and reinforce his reputation as an aggressive advocate for defendants accused of fraud.

We Can Guide You Through Your Fraud Case

If you are facing charges of fraud, The Law Office of E.G. Morris is prepared to help you. Contact our office for an appointment by calling 512-893-6121 or sending the firm an email.