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I Am Under Investigation. What Should I Do?

You have found out that law enforcement is investigating you for a criminal offense. You feel panicked, confused and out of your depth. This investigation makes you worry for your personal reputation, your ability to provide for your family and possibly your freedom. You feel caught up in a situation that is far too big for you to control, and you do not know where to turn.

In a situation as overwhelming as this, what should you do?

Remember: You Have The Right To Remain Silent.

One of the most important things that you should know is that you should always speak to a lawyer before you speak to law enforcement officers. Many people believe that because they have nothing to hide, there is no harm in granting an interview to police. Others believe that they can talk themselves out of a tight situation. These choices, however, can be grave mistakes.

It is far too easy to inadvertently implicate yourself to law enforcement, even if you know that you are innocent. Instead, you should exercise your right to remain silent and have an attorney present. Even if you are not in custody or sitting for a formal interview, you can choose not to speak to police.

Contact An Attorney Immediately

If Texas law enforcement or a federal agent asks to speak to you, politely inform them that you are exercising your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. Then, tell them that you wish to speak to an attorney. Your attorney can help you understand what to expect from the investigation, how to interact with law enforcement, what preparations you need to make and how to secure release from jail if you are arrested.

Do Not Speak To Law Enforcement Until You Speak To A Lawyer

Any suspect who is under investigation deserves the defense of an experienced attorney. If you are the subject of investigation, The Law Office of E.G. Morris can assist you. Call our Austin location at 512-893-6121 or contact us online.