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Criminal defense options for drug charges and accusations

by | Nov 16, 2018 | prescription fraud | 0 comments

Criminal drug charges can include charges for prescription drugs in some circumstances as well as prohibited drugs. In circumstances when prescription drugs are fraudulently obtained or possessed, serious consequences may apply. Additionally, if prescription drugs are illegally distributed, potential penalties and consequences may also be faced. Criminal justice options are in place to protect accused individuals.

Drug charges are serious criminal charges and can include charges for possession; manufacturing; distribution; trafficking; and prescription fraud. In addition to prescription drugs, accused individuals can face drug charges for illegal drugs including cocaine; heroin; methamphetamine; and designer drugs.

A strong criminal defense strategy can result in reduced charges, alternate sentencing or, in some circumstances, may result in the charges being dropped altogether.

It is important to have a strong criminal defense strategy to mitigate the potential penalties and consequences individuals who have been accused of committing a drug crime are facing. The penalties for drug charges can be severe and can include incarceration, fines and a criminal record that can bring about difficulties related to housing, education opportunities and employment down the road. There are a variety of methods for challenging drug charges and each is based on the circumstances of the situation.

Criminal defense protections are essential for individuals facing drug charges to be familiar with. A strong criminal defense strategy may focus on an affirmative defense or the holes in the alleged facts and circumstances according to authorities which is why accused individuals should understand the full range of options available to them through the criminal justice system.

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