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The basics of white collar crimes

by | Nov 29, 2018 | federal offenses | 0 comments

White collar crimes are a category of crimes that can lead to serious penalties and consequences for accused individuals. White collar crimes can fall into the category of federal offenses that accused individuals should be familiar with.

White collar crimes are typically committed for financial gain. White collar crimes are commonly committed, employing deceit for monetary gain, and the catch all of white collar crime refers to different illegal acts and schemes. The most common types of white collar crimes include different types of fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion and money laundering. Insurance fraud, securities fraud and scams such as Ponzi schemes can also be included in the broad category of white collar crimes.

Different types of securities fraud can carry potential criminal liability. This can include insider trading or misstating information to potential investors knowingly as a means to inaccurately reflect the company’s financial health. Embezzlement is another fairly common type of white collar crime, which involves the theft of money from a party that is owed a duty from the party accused of the theft. Usually, the accused individual is rightfully in possession of the money but appropriates it for a purpose that is not authorized.

White collar crimes can carry stiff penalties and consequences for accused individuals. Because they are complex crimes, it is helpful for accused individuals to understand the details of how to defend against accusations of white collar crime and to develop the strongest criminal defense strategy possible that protects both their rights and interests.

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