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Prescription fraud can affect healthcare providers, employees

by | Jan 24, 2019 | healthcare fraud | 0 comments

There were many reasons you became a doctor or a worker in the vast healthcare system. Helping people is a passion of yours as is having work that is stimulating and challenging. While being in the medical field can be very rewarding, it can also involve more risk on behalf of the medical worker. If you or a loved one is facing accusations related to prescription fraud, read on.

It isn’t just doctors that write prescriptions these days. Nurse practitioners and other medical workers often have the authority to write prescriptions. If a medical worker were to write a prescription for a patient, it would be to treat an ailment, illness or injury from which they are suffering. If facing allegations for prescription fraud, the accusation is that the medical provider abused that professional right in some way.

Beyond the individual person, healthcare clinics as a whole can be charged, rather than just at the individual level. This is usually a more complicated process of defending, as it can involve multiple people, and the organization as a whole. However, you’ll want to consider how a quality criminal defense to prescription fraud allegations could impact the proceedings.

When accused of healthcare fraud, it isn’t something to take lightly. An unfavorable outcome, like a conviction, could cause repercussions beyond the obvious. It could render a person’s medical license revoked or other negative consequences. At the Law Office of EG Morris, we take these accusations seriously and bring a strong criminal defense to the table.

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