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DUI accusations can benefit from a criminal defense strategy

by | Feb 7, 2019 | criminal defense | 0 comments

Whether you were on your way home from a friend’s, the bar or doing your everyday commute, a law enforcement officer may decide to pull you over while you’re behind the wheel. Being accused of DUI looks a little different for everyone. Maybe the officer requested you perform a field sobriety test or maybe the officer reached straight for the breathalyzer in attempts to measure your BAC. However it happened, you may decide that a criminal defense strategy is suitable when facing drunk driving charges.

Your decision may be spurred by the fact that penalties for DUI convictions have become more severe in recent years. Beyond that, your reputation could be tarnished from a drunk driving conviction, as could your ability to continue at your place of employment. Austin, and the surrounding area, has many wide-open spaces. However, it also has city limits that are more tightly patrolled by law enforcement.

The decision to seek out a criminal defense strategy doesn’t always mean refuting the charges. It could mean exchanging a plea deal for a lesser sentence. It could also allow a person to tell the full story behind what happened leading up to and surrounding the DUI incident. Finding out how to best prepare your criminal defense takes an intimate knowledge of the law and how to apply it to a person’s situation.

At The Law Office of EG Morris, their legal professionals are on hand and can help. If a repeat DUI offender, the charges and punishments can vary greatly from those who have been accused for the first time. If felony DUI is alleged, that can change the situation as well. This is because it’s a higher charge from a misdemeanor.

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