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Texas search warrant leads to arrests on drug charges

On Behalf of | May 1, 2019 | drug offenses | 0 comments

It is not only big cities that face challenges in regard to drug offenses and other crimes. Texarkana, Texas, located on the border with Arkansas, is a relatively small community of 37,389 people. Nevertheless, its total crime rate is 128 percent higher than the national average and 108 percent higher than in the rest of Texas.

Numerous reports to law enforcement regarding alleged drug activity at a residence in Texarkana led to a search warrant for the address on Bowie Street. Authorities served the search warrant on a morning in the middle of last week. When the search allegedly yielded marijuana and narcotics, law enforcement arrested three male residents of the home. The oldest of the three men is 26 years old, the youngest is 20, and the other one is 25 years old.

All three of the men now face charges of possession of a controlled substance, and one faces additional charges of possession of marijuana. Bond has not yet been set, but authorities transported all three men to the Bi-State jail, where they presumably still remain. The arrests occurred without incident.

In addition to the drug arrests, authorities also took two other men into custody at the scene on unrelated warrants related to misdemeanors. It is unclear whether these two men also dwelled at the same residence.

Because drug arrests can occur anywhere, in communities both large and small, it is wise for citizens to be aware of their legal rights, including the right to representation by an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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