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Examples of healthcare fraud and its impact

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Even if you are in perfect health, you likely already know how abysmally expensive healthcare is in Texas and the rest of the U.S., even if you have health insurance. For that reason, maybe you have thought about taking advantage of an unfair and unbalanced system.

Before you do, see what Pacific Prime, an insurance provider, has to say about health care system fraud and its impact. Cracks stretch rampant and deep throughout the system, but you do not want to damage it further, inadvertently or intentionally.

Examples of healthcare fraud

One example of healthcare fraud is not telling your physician of a pre-existing health condition. Another example is withholding the truth regarding how you sustained an injury and when you first sustained it. Some patients visit several doctors with the intent of receiving several prescriptions. It is also not unheard of for patients to file wholly false claims or intentionally fail to pay medical bills.

The impact of healthcare fraud

One of the biggest impacts of healthcare fraud is the monetary costs to the country, which was roughly $490 billion in 2011. Say that a doctor orders a test that you do not need and know you do not need. This results in wasted time, energy and other resources, resources that could benefit patients who actually need those tests and resources. Another impact of healthcare fraud is that patients have longer wait times, with some individuals in desperate need of medical treatment. Something to note here is that unscrupulous physicians and healthcare providers also engage in healthcare fraud, which also results in healthcare facility overcrowding and wasted resources.

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