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Drug misdemeanors and your job search

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2021 | drug offenses | 0 comments

After you have paid the dues for your drug crimes in Texas, one of the first things you will need is a job. Getting your life back on track may feel easier and more productive when you have a steady income.

Because many employers include specific questions about criminal records on their applications, answering those sections might seem intimidating for you. Understanding how to address your past with professionalism can aid in your effort to get a job.

Answering questions

As you begin looking for a job, focus your search on employment that usually does not require a background check or does not rely on a clean criminal past. Some examples include janitorial work, construction, secretarial jobs, food service and customer service.

Once you reach the part of the application that asks about your criminal past, answer the questions honestly but refrain from oversharing. You do not need to give any more information than required. In fact, you never need to share any of the details about your misdemeanor unless it comes up in an interview. Honesty can help you establish credibility. Dishonesty can compromise your reputation and even cost you your job if your boss finds out after the fact that you were untruthful in your responses.

Moving forward

Reaching the interview portion of your job search is something to celebrate. According to Chron, if asked about your past during an interview, emphasize what changes you have made in your life since your conviction.

If you have participated in rehabilitation programs or have used other resources designed to help you overcome challenges, talk about your growth during these experiences. This perspective can help interviewers to visualize your commitment and the possible difference you could make within their company.


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