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Examples of unlawful drug paraphernalia

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2022 | drug offenses | 0 comments

If you currently find yourself in the middle of a drug-related case, it is essential to understand what is at stake and safeguard your future. Drug offenses take many different forms, and some result in federal charges. While most people realize that trafficking and manufacturing drugs can lead to significant penalties, some do not understand that possessing small amounts of certain drugs and drug paraphernalia can lead to harsh penalties as well.

In fact, charges related to possessing and especially selling drug paraphernalia can have major consequences. It is crucial to review various examples of drug paraphernalia.

What constitutes illegal drug paraphernalia in Texas?

According to the Texas Constitution and Statutes, a variety of items and materials can constitute unlawful drug paraphernalia. For example, drug paraphernalia includes items that one uses to grow, plant, cultivate or harvest illegal drugs. In addition, the state also treats items used to manufacture, process, test, prepare, store or conceal illegal drugs as drug paraphernalia.

Furthermore, possessing objects used to ingest, inhale or inject unlawful drugs can also lead to drug paraphernalia charges.

What are the penalties for drug paraphernalia charges?

Many different factors can affect the penalties one faces when drug paraphernalia charges come up. Some cases lead to misdemeanor charges, but drug paraphernalia charges can also result in felony charges. In addition to possibly spending time behind bars and paying a costly fine, your reputation could become shattered. Moreover, your record could adversely affect you later in life.

If you face charges over drug paraphernalia or any other drug-related offense, explore your options closely.

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