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3 reasons to hire a lawyer before talking to the police

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2023 | criminal defense | 0 comments

When under a police investigation, the outcome may have endless possibilities.

The sooner you get legal assistance, the better your odds during the investigation or after an arrest. While you may feel that you should wait, consider the following reasons to hire a lawyer.

1. Maintain constitutional rights

While you legally must tell the police the truth or face severe consequences, the police do not have such a requirement. If you become the target of an investigation, the police use an array of tactics to get people to talk without them realizing it could hurt their case. Having a lawyer by your side helps ensure that your words do not get used against you, helping to ensure you maintain your legal rights.

2.  Gain knowledge regarding penalties

Different charges come with different penalties. Even the crime itself may have an array of possible consequences. Once you get charged, you may have information that may help your case. A lawyer provides you an opportunity to learn the nuances of the law and plan a strategy to fight the charges.

3. Help navigate potential court proceedings

Going through a trial comes with risks as well as complexities that simply add stress. According to research by the National Association of Defense Lawyers, 2% of 80,000 federal criminal cases go to trial. That happens thanks to lawyers negotiating plea deals. These deals often result in a lighter sentence and remove the strain of a drawn-out court battle.

During an investigation or court proceedings, every word and action matters. Having a professional by your side may make a huge difference to your case.

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