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Is it a crime to see more than one doctor?

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2023 | drug offenses, prescription fraud | 0 comments

Maintaining good health must be one of your top priorities in life. After all, if you are not feeling well, you might not be able to work, take care of your children or enjoy your hobbies. Luckily, today’s doctors have a variety of tools for diagnosing and treating many ailments.

According to the American Cancer Society, it is appropriate to seek a second opinion when you have a serious medical condition or are weighing different treatment options. If you see more than one physician for a different reason, though, you might inadvertently violate the law.

Doctor shopping

Doctor shopping violates both federal law and Texas law, but it involves more than simply looking for a second opinion. Indeed, to be guilty of the offense, you must try to obtain a prescription for a controlled substance using misrepresentation, fraud or deceit.

Failing to tell subsequent doctors about earlier prescriptions might be enough to expose you to criminal liability. The same is likely true if you lie about your symptoms or medical conditions.

Controlled substances

You are unlikely to face prosecution for seeing more than one doctor for legitimate reasons. Indeed, it is both common and acceptable for individuals to want second or even third opinions. If you are trying to secure prescriptions for controlled substances, though, you might be in legal jeopardy.

Controlled substances can be stimulants, opioids, depressants, steroids or hallucinogens. Put differently, if you need a prescription to obtain a medication, you are probably dealing with a controlled substance.

Ultimately, if you are facing criminal charges for doctor shopping, you might need both to mount an aggressive defense and to consider attending a rehabilitation program.

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