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How a healthcare fraud conviction can affect your practice

On Behalf of | May 27, 2023 | healthcare fraud | 0 comments

A criminal conviction of any sort has the potential to significantly affect a person’s reputation and the future of their career. For medical professionals accused of healthcare fraud, however, the impact on their professional practice can be particularly severe.

Examples of healthcare fraud include negligent prescriptions, overbilling and dishonesty surrounding Medicare or Medicaid. As a medical professional, it is important to fully understand how a healthcare fraud conviction can affect the future of your practice or clinic.

You might lose your ability to practice

Fraud in the healthcare space is a matter taken very seriously by medical licensing boards. Upon conviction of healthcare fraud, you may temporarily or permanently lose your right to practice due to license revocation. Keep in mind that you may have an opportunity to defend your position during a hearing with the licensing board that is separate from the criminal trial.

Your business may suffer

Even if you retain your right to practice in the medical field, your clinic may suffer significant financial losses as a result of a healthcare fraud conviction. This may be due directly to large restitutions paid to those claiming to be victims of fraud or due to a decline in business because of the harm to your professional reputation.

Accusations of healthcare fraud can throw the future of your reputation and your entire career into jeopardy. In the face of such a grievous situation, it is crucial to take every reasonable measure in building a legal defense that best protects your personal and financial future.

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